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Born at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and supported by the NSF and DOE,

Shift has proven its technology at every step.

IHEX Module

Our thermal energy storage system is perfectly suited for both air conditioning and heating applications, capable of storage temperatures from 32 to 5°F on the cold side, and 120 to 160 °F on the hot side.

IHEX Systems expand cooling capabilities and benefit the bottom line

Bar graph showing cost savings

Chiller system that provides cost savings up to 70%

Efficiently storing ice slurry generates big cooling cost savings.


How DCHX innovation improves cooling:

Because ice does not stick to any heat exchange surface, as opposed to the incumbent ice storage products, DCHX systems rapidly generate ice.

By removing a heat exchanger via direct contact heat exchange, DCHX reduces the required compressor lift and increases chiller efficiency throughout ice-making

Our stored ice slurry responds to demand much more rapidly than traditional ice storage (think of a slushy versus ice cubes), allowing to reduce electricity consumption for cooling by >90% during peak hours.

Heat pump system that lowers your HVAC bills with quick payback

Heat pumps with integrated DCHX technology maximize building decarbonization while enabling affordable electrication.

How DCHX innovation improves heating-and-cooling:

Because DCHX leverages standard HVAC hardware and engineering, it can provide thermal storage not only for cooling, but also for heating using hot water storage via either a heat pump or heat recovery configuration.

By load shifting, heating and cooling bills are cut down by up to 50% compared to traditional boiler + chiller packages, reducing an otherwise 10 year heat pump payback to 3 years.

Effective for buildings of varying shapes and sizes

Shift’s DCHX system can be added in separate, modular increments, or simply in one large field erected installation.

DCHX offers:

  • By separating the components, marginal storage costs are less than half of competing solutions


  • DCHX power and energy equipment modules can be added incrementally and independently to fit each project’s budget and timing.

Storage tanks can be sized to fit the available space, and make use of any existing tanks.

Under the hood

Direct contact heat exchange Technology

By using particular heat transfer fluids compatible with water and engineering innovative fluid flow, either ice or hot water can be made and stored in a tank, allowing for high performing, cost effective, and scalable cold and hot thermal energy storage.

Under the hood

Icephobic Heat Exchange (IHEX) Technology

By freezing water without it sticking to the cold surface, IHEX technology leads to a highly efficient cooling coil that generates ice slurry. The IHEX Module solves the problem of other ice thermal energy storage systems by eliminating the insulative ice layer and passively shedding slurry from the surface.

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